Internet - high speed reliable internet solutions


A diverse variety of internet options to ensure you have the right speed, data and internet solutions to suit your business requirements. Learn more.

SIP Trunking - Cost effective business calling


Maximise the capabilities of your existing PBX, shrink your business phone bills and benefit from premium call quality and reliability. Learn more.

Network and Hosting


Securely communicate between work sites via Virtual Private Network (VPN). And get first-rate hosting for your website, domain and web severs. Learn more.

Web tools - monitor and control web use


Optimise your business with a host of web management tools. Get at-a-glance insights to help you review, control, and monitor internet use. Learn more.

Connectivity solutions for large organisations and enterprise teams

Connexus has been developing premium business connectivity solutions for over twenty years.

Connexus solutions encompass best-of-breed phone and internet services, networks and hosting, data exchange, email safety and web management tools. All with the capability for deployment across multiple sites and thousands of users. 

Importantly, every Connexus solution is backed by exceptional service and deep technical knowledge. And is tailor-made for performance, reliability and security. The three watchwords which have built our reputation for over twenty years.

Entrust your business to our expertise. Contact us to discuss your connectivity needs.


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