Connexus Business Internet

Premium internet connectivity backed by Australian service.


High speed internet using the national broadband network. Learn more.


High coverage broadband internet, perfect for small business. Learn more.


Superfast internet with equal upload and download speeds. Learn more.


Low-latency, high-speed internet over a dedicated fibre connection. Learn more.

Need failover assurance? Go hybrid

Connect your whole organisation with multiple business-grade internet technologies, seamlessly provided as one robust service. Learn more.


Why choose Connexus for your business internet? 

A reputation built on experience

Connexus knows that premium performing internet is crucial for your business to remain competitive in this heavily technology dependent environment. That is why for the last 25 years we have prided ourselves on deploying only the best of breed technologies to our clients, ensuring they enjoy seamless business-grade internet solutions.


Tailored connectivity solutions

No two businesses are the same. That's why Connexus technical specialists work with you: to assess your needs and determine the right connectivity options for your business. The most appropriate solution may be ADSL, Ethernet or Fibre; or a Hybrid combination of multiple connectivity services spanning multiple locations and applications.

No matter which Connexus solution is configured, our customers experience exceptionally fast internet connection speeds due to our (unshared) 1:1 bandwidth access ratio, and the speed of the internet capacity we maintain.


Dedicated account manager

All Connexus business internet plans include a dedicated account manager, and service level guarantees (SLAs). We are renowned for our customer support, and exceptional levels of performance and reliability.


  • Connexus connectivity is the key to fast and reliable communications.
  • Enable high-speed browsing and secure multi-site networking.