ADSL Internet for Business 

High coverage broadband ADSL, perfect for small business 

Connexus customers do not compete with one another for bandwidth, so you enjoy the high speed and high quality performance of an uncongested ADSL network. The Connexus ADSL network is widely available across Australia, and utilises existing landline infrastructure - so there's no large installation or connection costs. 

ADSL is ideal for:

  • 1-10 person business with normal internet usage requirements
  • Branch offices requiring a secure, private network
  • Providing larger offices with a backup internet link
  • Dedicated connections for email servers or similar application services.



  • Business-grade 1:1 contention ratio network
  • 24x7 Australian based technical support available  
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • Fully compatible with Connexus' product suite
  • Dedicated Connexus account manager
  • Achieving speeds up to 20Mbps

Why Connexus ADSL Internet? 

Connexus provides a 1:1 contention ratio to each of our customers to ensure a fast download speed is maintained, even during peak business hours.


Enhanced speed and reliability

Our ADSL service offers download speeds up to 20Mbps, and is available as a standalone service, or can be incorporated into a multi-site MPLS virtual private network. Connexus employs a team of technical specialists to assess your needs and determine the most appropriate products and/or services for your business.

Premium business service

Our ADSL services are compatible with hundreds of different types of modems and routers and because Connexus uses the existing copper telephone wire infrastructure our network is widely available across Australia. Connexus provides free, responsive and locally based Help Desk support, 7 days a week, for all our products and services.