Connexus Ethernet

High speed, symmetrical business internet service

The Connexus Ethernet service is symmetrical (matching speeds for both data downloads and uploads) and is ideal for larger organisations. Ethernet delivers bandwidth at low-latencies, equivalent to fibre solutions, and is suitable as a standalone business internet service or for a multi-site MPLS VPN solution.

Ethernet is ideal for:

  • Fast reliable communications
  • Connections for email or web servers
  • VoIP or video conferencing
  • Frequent file transfers
  • Suitable for MPLS VPN and data intensive applications
  • Scalability- for companies with fluctuating internet demands
  • Romotely located work forces 
  • Companies with multiple sites
  • 15+ person offices



  • Symmetrical speeds up to 40 Mbps
  • Lower cost fibre alternative
  • Low latency
  • Scalability
  • 99.95% Service Level Agreement
  • Fully compatible with Connexus' product suite

Why Connexus Ethernet Internet?

Connexus ethernet service is delivered at very high speed and high quality, with symmetrical upload and download speeds as high as 40Mbps. It is the ideal connectivity solution for growing businesses.


Easy deployment and rapid scalability

The Connexus Ethernet service utilises existing copper telephone wire infrastructure, removing the concern of any heavy installation costs. It can be installed quickly (typically within 20-30 days) and scaled up to accommodate increased traffic as your requirements change.

High-performance business broadband

With our internet backbone capacity of over 1 gigabit per second with no bandwidth competition slowing your internet speed (1:1 network contention rate). Connexus clients are assured of a reliable, exceptionally fast internet connection that is sure to improve productivity for all internet dependent business operations.