Business Data Co-Location

Economical, high performance business server hosting.

Connexus provides business-grade co-location facilities across Australia. Co-location is used for the secure hosting of servers and data. Connecting to a Connexus private network via co-location minimises intermediary links, reduces points of failure and latency and offers the highest possible performance levels.

  • Superior internet backbone connections
  • High speed Ethernet interconnection
  • Guaranteed power supply and back-up
  • Cooling and fire detection equipment
  • Comprehensive Service Agreements
  • 24/7 support and dedicated network engineers

Why Connexus Co-Location?

Co-location allows your organisation to access a Connexus data centre, where all complex and costly data management requirements are already taken care of. Connexus co-location services are designed to continue operating regardless of power failure, and have advanced systems to mitigate fire and ensure the highest security.



Connexus offers co-location facilities in various sites across all major cities in Australia. Sharing data centre infrastructure costs makes sound financial sense, and when the shared benefits of security, reliability and support are also considered, co-location is simply a smart business decision.

Seamless VPN deployment

Co-location is routinely included in many of Connexus packages such as high-speed Fibre connection and Virtual Private Networking (VPN). Other benefits of co-locating business servers are the freeing-up of internal networks for other uses, the likelihood of improved web site access speeds, and the ability of the company to focus on core activities.