Email Hosting 

Easily host, manage and filter your business email

Connexus email hosting ensures that your business emails are delivered securely, efficiently and free of spam. Plus, Connexus email services include SafeMail, our proprietary content filter and security system. So you can mitigate email viruses before they have a chance to reach your servers.


  • Email delivery, hosting and backup
  • SafeMail - automatic virus and spam filter
  • Secure MailWeb – encrypted online mail portal
  • One-page ‘PDF’ Summary of Accounts
  • Send/receive large attachments

Why Connexus Email Hosting?

Email is a critical business requirement, demanding an increasing level of security and reliability. Connexus provides high-performance email hosting, with anti-virus and spam filters built-in.

SafeMail - filter email before it reaches your inbox

SafeMail is an advanced, proprietary mail-filtering product which reduces unwanted emails by up to 98.4%, keeping your inbox (and staff) free from distractions and security risks. It's “Filter and Forward” function cleans incoming mail before delivering to our clients’ mail servers, proving a powerful guard against spam and virus attacks. 

Secure online access

Connexus provides mailboxes that are accessible via POP or a webmail system, so no matter your location you will be able to securely access your email account. Our complimentary Domain Pilot application supplies you with the tools to review and manage your email system.

Premium business support 24/7

Our locally based called centres are available 24 hours of the day 7 days a week, so your business can breathe easy, we are always here for support should you need it.