Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Securely and reliably connect thousands of staff across multiple sites

Connexus enables efficient and secure communication between multiple workplaces (headquarters, home offices, branch offices or worksites). This enable your organisation to support and manage teleworking (work from home) or a distributed international workforce. Enjoy high-speed, secure connectivity with the ability to network up to 2,000 individual users.




  • Enterprise-grade security and accessiblity
  • Unmetred traffic between VPN sites
  • Highly scalable
  • Multi-media (voice, data, video, conferencing)
  • International and out-of-office collaboration

Why Connexus VPN?

Connexus Virtual Private Networks (MPLS VPNs) are a securely hosted, easily scalable communication tool for large and distributed teams. A single MPLS VPN can link from 2 to 2,000 individual connections, ensuring your entire team can work together. Even if they are working from home, or on the other side of the world.


Secure dedicated network

With a customer-specific MPLS VPN, your private network is effectively isolated from the rest of our traffic. This allows for ultra-secure transfer of data between sites and offices, eliminating the risks associated with going through the internet. 

Designed for intensive data use

All traffic between MPLS VPN locations is unmetred. Giving you the freedom to transfer large files and documents, or use data-intensive applications like streaming or video conferencing.

Tailor-made for Enterprise collaboration

We believe in customised solutions and tailor your connection to suit the needs of your organisation. Thanks to our expert engineers we are able to combine VPNs with other Connexus voice and data services, to ensure your business receives a complete connectivity package.