Internet usage insights & control.

WebTools is an exclusive service for Connexus customers, which equips businesses with the means to monitor and manage their online and network activity. WebTools provides companies with insights on how their internet is being used, and the power to curb excess or unauthorised usage. Included in the Connexus WebTools suite is a personal network monitoring system, which continuously analyses your business network, alerting you if any abnormalities occur.




  • Improve staff productivity and lower internet costs
  • Detailed reports of websites visited and bandwidth consumed
  • Personal web-based control panel
  • 24/7 customisable monitoring system
  • Priority network fault reporting

Why WebTools?

The internet has entirely revolutionised the way companies conduct day to day business activities. However, it has also exposed business operations to risks from both internal and external sources, such as misuse, downloading of illegal content or external security breaches.

To combat theses vices, Connexus has developed a suite of sophisticated software applications, which enables you to manage your company's online activities with ease. It ensures your business is fully protected and staff time is optimised. 



DomainPilot is a web-based control panel that provides you with an overview and reporting of your company’s internet use. DomainPilot enables you to configure your internet settings and offers advanced domain management. More info.



WebControl gives control of the internet back to your business:

  • Provides a clear picture of a company’s bandwidth usage,
  • Power to filter, block or limit access. 

With WebControl, you now have the means to examine where your internet usage is going, in what categories and by what employees or departments. And the tools to curb unauthorised usage. More info.



NetMonitor is the 24 hour, 7 days a week monitoring system that provides a transparent view of all the services across your network and alerts you when they are not responding. More info.