Advanced domain management.

Tailor our services to suit your business preferences. DomainPilot is an online portal which allows you to configure settings, reports or processes to better align with your business operations. It provides you with the means to review, manage and customise your Connexus Services.




  • Bandwidth use stats across multiple sites
  • Reports emailed to recipients daily
  • Manage unlimited email accounts
  • Distribute newsletters using Connexus MailBlaster
  • E-mail message interception and SMS alerts based on keywords in messages
  • Access to WebControl, Safemail and MailBlaster

Why Connexus DomainPilot?

DomainPilot is the central management tool for your Connexus business internet services. DomainPilot is provided free of charge if you host your business domain with Connexus.

Easily manage your web services

Getting a range of web services from a provider is one thing. Being able to manage them is another. DomainPilot was developed in-house by the Connexus team as the central managent tool for Connexus services, giving you control over your business internet services. With DomainPilot, Connexus hands you the control. You can configure settings, reports and processes to suit the particular needs of your business.

Perfectly tailored to Connexus services

The great advantage of working with Connexus is that we have developed these management tools ourselves. This ensures a synergy between the business services and management tools we provide, that doesn’t exist with bundled off-the-shelf packages, an approach favoured by our competitors.