Effortlessly know the status of every service on your network

NetMonitor is a monitoring tool which provides a transparent view of the services across your network, alerting you if any issues arise. It is fully customisable and was created with the vision that business should be able to be fully informed on the status of their services, even outside of business hours. NetMonitor provides business with immediate alert notification, should any system faults be detected, ensuring swift resolution, effectively mitigating any impact on business operations.




  • 99.9% accuracy rate
  • Continuously scans for anomalies
  • Real-time alerts
  • Monitor email, internet, services, or everything
  • Customisation (e.g. prevent alerts at 1am)
  • Escalate different alerts to different users


Why Connexus NetMonitor?

With a flexibility that allows you to configure the monitoring to your specific requirements, NetMonitor lets you choose which servers you want to monitor, how and when you want to be alerted should they go off-line. You can decide how many times before the alert is escalated, and whether you want the alerts delivered via SMS, email, or both.


Precision accuracy

With 99.9% accuracy, NetMonitor will monitor web servers, mail servers and ping your routers so you’ll always know what is happening on your network. You can configure NetMonitor to individual servers, receiving immediate alerts for high priority servers and delayed alerts for servers that are less function critical. 

Flexible deployment

NetMonitor will monitor any number of publicly accessible IP addresses and you can review, add and delete these at any time via Domain Pilot, Connexus’ web-based control panel.