Easily monitor and control company-wide internet usage.

WebControl is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing company-wide internet use. It was exclusively designed for the business environment and can play a significant role in improving productivity, reducing staff downtime and protecting your business against legal risks.



  • Improve staff productivity
  • Monitor staff internet habits
  • Report on sites visited and bandwidth consumed.
  • Stop, filter or limit access to certain sites
  • Block distribution of certain content

Why Connexus WebControl?

Connexus WebControl enables youmto understand the web habits of your whole organisation: from individuals to entire departments. It shows you how your internet resources are being used and equips you with the tools to manage them. By offering this close level of insight and control, WebControl helps you lower your company’s bandwidth costs, improve staff productivity and help shield the business from legal threats.


Webcontrol allows you to:
  • Block access to specific websites, files or media types
  • Apply different filtering rules to users or departments
  • Stop undesirable content from appearing in the workplace
  • Limit exposure to legal risk
The reports include:
  • Ranking of the heaviest internet users and departments
  • Listing of the most popular websites and their users
  • Statistics to compare internet use sorted by month, week or hour
  • Bandwidth use by content type, such as streaming audio or video
  • Statistics on search engine queries and the search terms queried by users
  • Users accessing inappropriate content
Keeping it work related

WebControl can not only block specific websites but can also block material by file or content type. Using the category system, which classifies sites such as online shopping, adult content, social networking (e.g. Facebook) or job seeking, whole categories of content can be removed from the workplace. WebControl is integrated into your upstream connection. This means it stops unwanted and potentially dangerous content before it reaches your network, improving security and lowering bandwidth costs.

Mitigate Legal Risk

Using Connexus WebControl, a company can prevent their internet resources being used to download and distribute inappropriate or illegal material. It is also an effective deterrent to fraud or the external transfer of proprietary information. Employees who are aware that their internet use is being monitored are less likely to engage in activity which exposes themselves and their organisation to legal risk.