SIP Trunking - Business IP Telephony

Connect your phone system with the capability of IP communications. 

SIP Trunking explained

A SIP Trunk connects your PBX phone system to the phone network via the internet (IP), instead of using traditional hard-wired copper (PSTN) phone lines. This gives you access to the unique flexibility and scalability enabled by IP communications. So your organisation can deliver Unified Communications (via Microsoft Lync Server), support teleworking from external or home offices and more easily add / expand your office phone system.

Connexus SIP Trunks will interoperate with PSTN phone systems (via a gateway) and modern IP-PBXs. By choosing Connexus to deliver your SIP Trunking capability, your organisation is assured of premium call quality and reliability. And you'll have our expert team beside you, to hasten and smooth your transition to IP.




  • Transition to modern IP-based communications
  • Maintain your current phone numbers
  • Enable Unified Communications (UC) 
  • Create a more flexible and scalable phone system
  • Connexus works with either PSTN or IP PBXs

Why Connexus SIP Trunking?


Keep your phone numbers

Connexus lets you maintain your existing numbers when moving to our SIP Trunking service. So you can keep your number forever - even if you relocate interstate or overseas. .

Grows with you

SIP Trunking is highly scalable and will seamleslly grow alongside your business. So as your business expands and higher call volumes are required, you can quickly and easily add more lines and users. 

Combine with Connexus Internet

SIP Trunking requires a high quality internet connection to deliver optimum call  quality. This can be readily supplied with any of the Connexus business internet services. With Connexus, you have the peace of mind that your business will get the best quality in both data and voice services.

Works with your existing PBX

Don't invest in new equipment - Connexus SIP Trunking solution will work with all popular PBX brands. SIP Trunking works natively with IP-enabled phone systems, but traditional PBXs can also be connected via the Connexus device gateway.