How to create new business emails


Learn how to add additional email addresses/mailboxes, and how to configure your Connexus SafeMail settings (click topic headings for detail). For personal assistance please contact our expert team on 1300 133 888.

Most Connexus Internet plans now provide the option of additional email addresses at no extra charge. This service allows household members to each have a unique email address, accessible using Connexus MailWeb from anywhere in the world!

Adding and Modifying Email Addresses

Addresses are configured from the Connexus Accounts Website: When entering Connexus Accounts, use the username and password for your primary Connexus account (the same you use when connecting to the Internet).

Accessing your Email using MailWeb

Connexus MailWeb allows you to read & send Connexus email from any Web browser - anywhere in the world! You can easily check your email from work, school or university. If you are heading interstate or overseas, you can often find Web browsers in libraries, Internet cafes and airport terminals.

Simply open the following address/URL with your Web browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc):

After you have opened the site you will be prompted to enter your username and password. The contents of your mailbox will subsequently appear on the screen!

Configuring Outlook Express for Multiple Mailboxes

A more sophisticated method of operating multiple mailboxes is with Outlook Express (the email client from Microsoft). This may suitable if all the email users share the one computer, and do not often access email away from home.
In Outlook Express, click the Tools menu

Connexus SafeMail analyses the text of every email for specific characteristics which are common to SPAM mail. To activate SafeMail, simply open the following address/URL with your web browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc):


When the SafeMail Configuration window is open, you will be presented with the following screen.This interface allows you to set the Spam Threshold Level and select the Spam / Virus Action.

SPAM Virus Action

Selecting Discard SPAM will delete emails with a spam level greater than the nominated threshold level before they come through to your inbox.
Selecting modify subject will tag all messages with the word spam in the subject field with the spam threshold level.
Click the plus sign to learn more about SPAM.

SPAM Threshold Level

Setting the level to 5 should be sufficient. Adjust the spam threshold accordingly if you notice that some genuine emails are not coming through.

SafeMail Configuration

Moving the slide towards CATCH MORE SPAM will certainly reduce the number of SPAM messages getting through; however this feature also presents a higher risk of some legitimate email (commonly newsletters and wanted advertising material) being identified as SPAM also. Depending on your settings in the SPAM/Virus Action section, this email may be discarded or have it's subject modified.
Once you are confident that Connexus SafeMail is tagging SPAM correctly, you can select SPAM / Virus Action to discard SPAM to permanently. This will remove E-Mails with a SPAM level greater than your nominated threshold level before it is received into your inbox.
To save your changes, click the button ‘Update Safemail Settings’.

Congratulations! Your Connexus SafeMail has now been configured.

Should you continue to receive SPAM or have any queries about SafeMail, please contact our Support team on 1300 133 888 or e-mail